About Leonel Lucio

An impressive amount of education and experience makes Leonel Lucio the best candidate to run Marblus Granite & Tile Inc. Leonel graduated from SJCC with degrees in liberal arts, construction and technology. He is currently working on obtaining his architectural & interior design degree from West Valley College.

In 2007, Leonel became the founder and co-owner of Marblus Granite and Tile Inc., where he continues to design spaces for business owners, restaurateurs, and residences that showcase his talent.

Leonel credits his attention to detail as the foundation of his success and he prides himself on an unprecedented level of service to his clients and extremely high customer satisfaction rankings.  Leonel has over 14+ years of experience in stone, tile and wood industry as well, making him a well-rounded person and the best fit to guide you with your remodel


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