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The Invisacook cooktop is an innovative cooking appliance that integrates directly under your kitchen countertop, making it invisible to the eye. It uses induction burners to heat the cookware. Hence, the countertop does not heat up, reducing the risk of burns and making it safer than traditional gas or electric cooktops.

Regarding aesthetics and space utilization, the Invisacook cooktop is advantageous as it seamlessly blends with the countertop material, which could be either granite or porcelain. This makes the kitchen surface multifunctional and saves space, especially in smaller kitchens.

Invisacook stove San Jose CA

From an efficiency perspective, the Invisacook stove heats the cookware directly, meaning there’s less environmental heat loss. This efficient use of heat can help manage your energy costs.

However, there are some considerations to be aware of. Although the countertop will not be black, making marks less noticeable, regular cleaning is necessary to remove burnt residues. There may also be safety concerns about accidentally switching it on, but this seems unlikely as there’s a dedicated control panel for operation.

Lastly, installing an Invisacook cooktop might require significant effort and investment. Therefore, the decision to install one will depend on your personal preferences for kitchen space, aesthetics, and budget

Q and A section:

Invisacook is an innovative kitchen appliance with a countertop you can directly cook on. It uses an induction hob beneath the kitchen countertop to heat pans through the surface.

Invisacook uses electromagnetic energy to create heat. When activated, it creates an electromagnetic field that heats the pot on the cooktop.

Cookware with magnetic properties, such as clad stainless-steel or thick magnet-bottom pans, work best with Invisacook. Aluminum, all-copper, or glass cookware won’t work unless they have a bottom layer with magnetic properties.
The Invisacook cooktop is installed directly under the kitchen countertop, making it invisible when not in use.
No, the Invisacook system heats the cookware directly, not the countertop itself. This reduces the risk of burns and increases safety.

Q and A section:

Invisacook has intuitive sensors that recognize the presence of induction cookware. There’s also an automatic shut-off feature for added safety.
Yes, Invisacook requires specific countertop materials like granite or porcelain for its function.

Despite being installed under the countertop, it still requires regular cleaning to remove any burnt residues. The cleaning process would be similar to cleaning the specific countertop material used.

Yes, Invisacook is designed to save space in your kitchen. By incorporating the cooktop into your counter, the surface becomes multifunctional.
The installation might require significant effort and investment as it involves integrating the cooktop under your kitchen countertop. You should consider this before deciding to install one.
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