How to Choose Kitchen Countertops For Your Family?

How to Choose Kitchen Countertops For Your Family

How do you go about choosing kitchen countertops for your family? Whether renovating your kitchen, or building a new home, we have tips to help you find the best kitchen countertops.


There’s a perfect kitchen countertop intended for specific purposes. However, it is hard to determine which one is suitable for your family, given the various available kitchen countertop options. So, we’ve sorted out the most sought-after natural stones and granite countertops according to your family’s lifestyle. 


Every family has its unique requirements and expectations for its kitchens. Keep reading if you find it hard to choose from various colors and patterns. At the end of this article, you’ll have a better idea of which kitchen countertop would fit your budget and style.


For Busy Families With Young Children

If you work every day, 5 to 6 times a week – your kitchen countertops are easy to maintain. In order to amplify the long term ease of maintaining your countertops, It would be to your highest benefit to look for long-lasting durability that can withstand many years of use. In this case, the two top choices are quartz and granite.

Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the strongest natural stones. It’s almost scratch-proof and is a durable material that’s not likely to crack or chip. Moreover, this material has excellent heat resistance. It is unlikely to fade or stain as long as it’s sealed properly. 


However, granites may require a sealer to protect the stone from damage. You might have to apply a sealer and polish every year. You also have to clean any spill right away to prevent discoloration. So, if you’re in the office, don’t forget to remind your children to clean and wipe off any mess on your granite countertop. Granite has been amongst the most well-known countertops available over the years and will likely remain in the top spot for a long time.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is almost identical in cost to granite when it comes to price. Since it’s engineered from quartz aggregate, it’s more durable than granite, but it isn’t quite as scratch-proof. This natural stone generally has a subtle design and a modern appearance, which certain families prefer. Compared to granites, quartz doesn’t need sealing since it’s not porous. So, it can tolerate some food spills. Overall, quartz countertops are easy to maintain.


For Families Who Prefer Luxury

If elegance and style are your top priorities, you could consider soapstone, marble, and even granite. These countertop choices are about style and luxury, not just utility.

Granite Countertops

Granite can be a very durable, flexible stone and luxurious countertop. While it’s typically cheaper than expensive and exotic stones such as marble, particular granite slabs are scarce, exclusive, and thus much sought-after. As a result, it could increase its price. You may also consider more distinctive edges, cutouts, and sink installation for a more luxurious look. While granite is generally inexpensive, there are more expensive options for a unique design.

Marble Countertops

This natural stone is known for its class and stunning beauty. Homeowners frequently use Marble for high-end homes. However, it’s not ideal for busy kitchens, particularly for families of large size or with kids who might cause damage to the stone. Marble chips quickly when heavy objects strike the edges. The surface is vulnerable to scratches, spills, and food debris, which might cause stains and etching. Nonetheless, with proper cleaning and maintenance, marble can provide an exquisite look and a classic design comparable to none.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is the perfect option to stand out if you want a distinctive design and style. It has a contemporary design but with a natural feel. Its smooth matte finish, as well as darker neutral shades, make it an ideal choice for a variety of kitchen designs. 


Because it is not a popular option for many homeowners, soapstone quickly draws interest for homeowners who want something new and unique. The stone is softer and scratches easily compared to granite. However, when it comes to luxurious looks and feels, there’s nothing to compare. There is no need for sealing. However, a periodic oil application helps maintain the color and reduces the visible appearance of scratches.


Families Who Want The Maintenance-Free Countertops

Quartz is likely the ideal option if you’re searching for an easy-to-maintain stone countertop. Since it’s engineered, it does not require sealing like granite. Quartz is robust and scratch-resistant. However, it is more susceptible to getting scratched than granite. You should never use a chopping board or peel directly onto the quartz’s surface. 


This natural stone is heat resistant, but you should never put boiling pots or pans directly on the quartz surface. Natural quartz countertops are a popular option for kitchens due to their strength, durability, resale value, and design versatility.


What is Mohs Scale?

When choosing kitchen countertops, you need to identify their mineral hardness through the Mohs scale. In simple terms, you can use it to define the strength of minerals you will use in your kitchen countertops.


The capacity of the natural stone to scratch another stone determines its Mohs scale. A simple test will determine the grade by taking a particular material and rubbing it against another. It is more difficult when the material causes visible marks against the opposite. 


Natural stones have assigned numbers according to their hardness. The higher the number, means harder and more durable the minerals. The Mohs’s original scale has been used for years to guide the process. Here’s the Mohs scale of different natural stones.


  • Talc – 1
  • Gypsum – 2
  • Calcite – 3
  • Fluorite – 4
  • Apatite – 5
  • Feldspar – 6
  • Quartz – 7
  • Topaz – 8
  • Sapphire – 9
  • Diamond – 10


While the scale does not directly refer to countertops, it’s frequently a concern for homeowners and designers concerned about countertop durability and scratch-resistant. Based on the Mohs scale, the most popular countertop materials are rated and ranked according to this order:


  • Soapstone – 1
  • Marble – 3-5
  • Limestone – 3-5
  • Sandstone – 6-7
  • Granite – 6-8
  • Quartz – 7-8


Every stone variety has different levels of hardness. For instance, the same granite slab may be rated 6 on the Mohs scale and an 8 on another. The Mohs scale can be a helpful reference. Still, the manufacturing processes and other elements in countertop production determine the natural hardness.


Final Words

Granite and quartz are the best alternatives for kitchen counters, bar tops, and bathroom vanities, if you’re searching for solid countertops resistant to scratches. When researching the most suitable countertop for your family, many stone options meet your needs and budget. 


Another crucial factor is looking for a reliable kitchen countertop fabricator. Explore our kitchen counters for more information. Your search for the best “granite and tile near me” ends here.  Contact us today if you have any concerns about our natural stone countertops.


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