Why is My Granite Dull & Faded?

Why is My Granite Dull & Faded

Why is My Granite Dull & Faded? Granite countertops were the best choice because they’re practically indestructible. Still, you’re now with a dull countertop that is less appealing than the gorgeous countertop you had in the beginning. What happened?


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Natural stone countertops such as granite are extremely tough and aren’t easily broken or scratched. But they are vulnerable to chemical damage, such as scratching and dulling. So if you’ve made an unwise path in maintaining your countertops, what can you do to regain the beautiful countertop you loved so much?


Why is My Granite Dull & Faded?

As time passes, substances accumulate on the surface of the stone. For instance, hard water deposits, food particles, grease, calcium deposits, and soap residues may build up on the stone’s surface over time. Still, you’ll probably not even notice it. 


This accumulation causes the stone to absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the countertops appear less polished. Most of the time, granite seems like a cloud, or has a dull look. Therefore, while granite countertops do not change or fade in hue, they’re usually coated with materials that cause the surface to appear dull. The shine remains.


Solutions For Dull Granite Countertops

You get easily clean dull granite using several techniques. But, you must consider the condition of your countertop and the degree to which you’ve cleaned it. If it has minor scratches, there’s a good chance you can make the repairs yourself. However, if your stone isn’t regularly cleaned or maintained or for granite that has a lot of damage and staining like etching, you might want to seek out a specialist.


If you’re only experiencing some minor dullness, you can revive the shine of your granite with some of the products on the shelves. Check your warranty and your stone manufacturer’s guidelines before attempting this yourself.

Remove Residue And Soap Film From Countertop

Several soap film removers are safe for granite. You can buy it to bring back some of the stone’s shine. Be sure to select a pH-neutral product that is suitable for granite. These products can do a great job covering large and small areas. Still, they are only eligible for mild dullness due to hard water and soap deposit.


For smaller areas that are harder to work to reach, many people employ the razor blade to scrape flatly on the surface gently. The scrape should disappear from the stone as soon as you rub it. Use a thin steel wool for sanding down the area. This technique works best near cooktops and sinks, where residue build-up is more prevalent.


After scraping off the remnants and cleaning the stone with water, it is possible to apply polishing powders to improve the shine. These polishing solutions are safe for all stones. You’ll need to seal the stone after you have completed this procedure.


Use a granite polishing powder for larger areas to bring back the entire countertop rather than just the tiny space. It will result in the same finish, with a similar shine to that of a brand-new one. 


You’ll likely need to utilize an adjustable speed buffer to accomplish it. Then, it’s just a matter of working on the dried powder in the stone to cover the entire countertop. It will eliminate minor scratches and stains and restore the stone’s natural shine.

Polish And Reseal Granite Countertops

There are many polishing materials available that work. Choose the one that matches your stone’s shade. Also, by following the manufacturer’s instructions, ensure it’s safe to apply the product to your countertop. After polishing or buffing with an adhesive, you’ll require resealing the granite.

Use Polishing Powder

If the granite countertop’s dullness results from light scratching on the surface, the granite-polishing powder could eliminate it. It is somewhat aggressive and will remove minor scratches, stains, and other residues that could cause your granite to appear dull. For the powder, you typically blend it into the water to make the paste, which you then apply to the granite using burlap or a felt pad. 


Polishing powder might only be effective across some types of granite, but follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you can use it on your countertop. Additionally, certain polishes are made specifically for granite with light or dark shades. So, make sure you select the appropriate option for your counter.


The granite countertop may look dull if the sealer coat gets etched. If the stone’s surface beneath is in good condition, it is usually possible to fix your countertop by resealing the granite. Make sure you use the sealer suggested by your countertop manufacturer, or installer. 


Also, thoroughly cleanse the surface before using the sealer. Using an abrasive pad or a spray bottle sealer, it is possible to work slowly to ensure you cover the countertop in a uniform coat. After the sealer has fully dried, you can apply up to three coats more to offer the best protection for your counter. It’s also possible to prevent any fading by sealing your countertop yearly to refresh the protection layer.


If your countertop is severely stained, deep etching due to acidic substances is likely to have occurred. If this is the case, the etched areas must be completely refinished or polished to eliminate the etched surface. Granite is a tough stone requiring specialized equipment such as grinders or stone polishers. 


Finding a stone restorer who is professional to manage the job is ideal. Ask your installer whether he provides repolishing services or could recommend an expert stone restorer to do the task.


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